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The effective height under the beam should be considered when selecting the shelf for storage equipment to determine the shelf height. And beam-column position can affect the configuration of goods shelf. The intensity that the floor bears, ground flatness also is concerned with the design of goods shelf and installation. Also need to consider the installation of fire facilities and lighting facilities according to the location

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  • ǿɲжʽ؛ܵK֧вOӋ؛ϵyPIֱPϵYİȫԺʹõĽԡMbʽ؛ҪƬMȻoǡؽǡΡӰ(䓰ľ)xMɡƬ؛ܵҪ֧в_21S؛ܸ߶ȵӡӔ࣬dҴ䏝_ױ䓣횈ҼļӹHrҲ^sOӋxóɞͬ־С˵ ׯں,ձҹ㳡ֱ,ɫѸϵyPIֱPϵYİȫԺʹõĽԡ
    Ľ濴ĽΠкܶNĿǰЈֲͲ߀ǷD؛ܵĻͣЩͲĽY^ΣҪp؛;߅݁܈Y^sӹˇҲsҪ؛ܡɻΠҪL^L߅ӏۣĄȺͷԡOn the specific design, besides considering strength, stiffness and stability of the structure, one should also be considered as a specific molding process influence on groove of billet, the processing conditions on the quality of the products, such as pre punching and not on the bending deformation of cold bending line on the quality of the products, the possibility of cold bending process of punching deformation, etc. On the premise of ensuring the requirements of hole spacing and section thickness, the design of section shape should take into account the requirements of different plate thickness